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"Age Doesn't Matter When It Comes To Making A Difference"

Passionate in advocating for sustainable communities, engaging youth in political discourse, and inspiring positive change; while working to build a more equitable and connected world for the next generation.


Rochelle is an internationally recognized leader, educator, and social entrepreneur. She has a decade of experience in: organizational development, leading teams, community/ grassroots engagement, youth engagement, stakeholder relations, project management, & serves as a United Nations Sustainable Development Goal advocate for goal number 4 - Quality Education.


Rochelle has a pulse on her community and also serves on the: Board at Options Community Services, BC’s Provincial Committee on Diversity in Policing, and World Vision International Youth Council -in these spaces she helps to build policy and shape change in themes of: quality life, public safety, and community engagement.


Because of her work and leadership, she is the recipient of: Canada's Volunteer Award Emerging Leader (BC and the North Region), Top 50 Change Makers in Canada by the Globe and Mail 2021, International Princess Diana Award, Canada 150 award in leadership, Surrey Board of Trade Top 25 Under 25, the Governor General Sovereignty Award, is the author of her book titled "Because We Can".


Rochelle has also been interviewed on: BBC International News, Global BC and local news channels,  published in the Globe and Mail, local magazines, and written about in over 50 articles in the world.


She also holds a BA, in Political Science, and a Masters of Education in Social Justice Education. 

Rochelle Prasad 

Sustainable Communities Advocate | Youth Champion | Author | Educator | Social Entrepreneur | Former Political Candidate 

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Rochelle's Community Service Legacy 



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