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A Novella designed to Empower the young and wise to take action for a better world.
2007. The spark that turned into a flame. 
As a child, a pen and a notebook was always at reach. Every friend that was made, every tear that was shed, every flight that was taken; was all recorded. 
It started off with small quotes, drawings and sentences that did not make sense. But over the years, my journals began to be filled with greater knowledge, and experience’s from journeys that were so vibrant - they overflowed my writing pad, and poured into my life.
This is where it all started. A faint idea, a passion for connecting with others and writing. I never thought that the lingering experiences in my head would turn into a novella, but it…
Started with an idea, a vision, a spark.
Started with a hope, a dream, a passion.
Started with a love for people, and community.
And I believe, we all can inspire others with our journeys, just like I am hopefully about to inspire you. 
Simply, Because We Can.
Rochelle Prasad Novel Cover Page : Because We Can

Also Available on : Amazon, GoodReads, Chapters/Indigo for purchase 

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