Provincial Board on Diversity in Policing 

Advising on the creation of initiatives to increase diversity within the province’s police agencies;

• Providing guidance and expertise to promote ongoing cooperation, mutual respect and understanding between the police and the diverse communities they serve;

• Identifying and assisting in the engagement of diverse communities in support of equal access to police and community services;

• Assisting in the development of strategic relationships with the province’s diverse communities in support of effective and transparent communications between government, the communities and police agencies in B.C.; and

• Advise the Minister on policing policy issues of related concern."


City of Surrey Community 
Engagement Committee 

Appointed by Mayor and Council to serve 2 years as the youngest, self identified female in history, on the Community Service Committee.

“The Community Services Committee advises Council on strategic and policy issues pertaining to the City's key community services related to the City's public safety goals including but not limited to:

Increasing feeling of safety;
Improving quality of life;
Increasing opportunities for civic participation; and
Preventing and reducing crime”

SPARK Foundation

SPARK Fondation Formally known as Camp We Empower Foundation, rebranded in 2020. We provide life education for grades 3-12 students in various parts of the world; through workshops and overnight camps. Former CEO and founder.

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In Person to Online Keynotes

For the past 10 years, Rochelle has been empowering the next generation through her story - either it be through in person and or virtual keynotes, it's always an enjoyable time!

SYSC 2014

Surrey Youth Safety Council

Surrey Youth Safety Council Started in 2015.Our goal is to reduce youth crime in Surrey through various educational strategies. 

Rochelle Prasad booklaunch Because We Can 201

Because We Can

Life is filled with amazing experiences and moments that are most often meant to be shared. A lot has happened within the last 15 years, and I am running out of storage memory! That is why you can look forward to reading about it in my novel titled: Because WE can. Available on:Amazon, Chapter, Indigo, and through this website!

It is about my journey of social entrepreneurship, and how age does not matter when it comes to making a difference.